Book Bingo 2018

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A library book:
A graphic novel:
A book that is becoming a movie in 2018:
A popular author's first book:
A brand new book: Jurij Marusov - Science oder Fiction?
Read an own-voices book:
A book over 500 pages long: Cervantes - Don Quixote
A book with a one-word title: Allkemper/Eke - Literaturwissenschaft
A book about mental illness:
A book about another culture: Lin Yutang - Blatt im Sturm
A book set in a different country: Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables
A book that brought you joy: Drew Karpyshyn - Darth Bane: Die Regel der Zwei
A book set in a different world:
A nonfiction book of your choice: Ingeborg Jacobs - Stanislaw Petrow
The oldest book on your TBR list: Susan Cain - Still
A book you heard about on YouTube: Jonathan Stroud - Das Flammende Phantom
A book that was translated into English:
A used book: Andy Weir - The Martian
A book that made you cry: Goethe - Die Leiden des jungen Werther
A book that made you angry: Cixin Liu - Der Spiegel
A classic: Kafka - Die Verwandlung
A book published in 2018:
A book a friend recommends: Macchiavelli - Die Alraune
A book of short stories: Martin Becker - Die letzte Metro


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